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Stretch / Clean Films
We offer our large variety of Stretch / Clean Films, Stretch Wrap Films of good quality.
Stretch Wrap Films

We are providing Stretch Clean Films, which are cost effective and available in the form of rolls. Manufactured using quality polyolefin, these are ideal for manual and automatic stretch wrapping machines. Available in varied lengths, thicknesses and widths, these ensure stability of unitized and palletized loads. These chemical resistant films facilitate safer loading, mi loading and safer transportation.


  • User friendly-Light rolls accentuate the work security

  • Reliable-Reduced risk to load and to the people involved in the supply chain due to secure and controlled wrapping

  • Safe and Protective-100% slip on the outside surface help in the process of loading and unloading the pallets

  • Environment friendly-Stretch Clean Films are 100% recyclable. Moreover, the packaging waste can be reduced up to 60%

  • Consistency-Regardless of the wrapping machine or operator, this concept assure a constant wrapping quality and cost-optimized pallet 5 ecunty

  • Cost effective-The innovative wrapping decreases quantity of wrap required

  • Less Inventory-The extensive roll length minimizes the stock surface need


  • Highest retention and restoring force assures better load protection during transportation

  • Reduction in film weight can exceed

  • Reinforced rail edges for better function

  • Highest tear resistance up to the last meter

  • No stretching required during film application thus, lesser labor fatigue

  • Available in both hand and machine applicatio

Stretch Films

Our company offers a comprehensive range of Stretch Films which is available in various length, width, thickness, resistance power, elasticity as per client specifications. The films are acknowledged for their high impact resistance, good structural strength and resistance to chemical and are widely used in diverse industrial applications.


" Oriented Wrapping Film is the ideal solution for ensuring stability of palletized and unitized loads and facilitating safer loading, transportation and mi loading.

  • User friendly - Light lolls accentuate the "work security and imp cove the packaging.
  • Reliable - Secure and controlled wrapping decreases the risk oi accidents and damage, not only to the load itself, but also to the people and shipment involved in the supply chain.
  • Safe and Protective - 100% slip on the outside surface facilitates the process of loading and unloading the pallets.
  • Environment friendly - MIMALITE " is 100% recyclable. Packaging waste can be reduced up to 60%.
  • Consistency - Regardless of the operator or the wrapping machine, this concept p/uaiantees a constant wrapping quality and cost-optimized pallet 5 ecunty.
  • Less Inventory - The extensive roll la ngth reduce s the stock surface need.
  • Cost effective - The innovative wrapping reduces quantity of wrap requited; a significant reduction in the wrapping cost.
  • Highest retention and restoring"force ensure .better load protection in transit
  • Reduction in film "weicjht can exceed. "7G9£j
  • Reinforced rail edges for e, better function, hignest tsar resistance up to trie last meter
  • Lesser labour fatigue as N"o stretching recfuired. during film application
  • Available in both hand and machine application
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