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Flat Fabric

Flat Fabric


We are Leading Manufacture, Supplier and Exporter of Flat Woven PP Fabric which is durable, reliable and cost efficient packaging options for different purpose. We are India based Flat PP woven fabric manufacturer, supplier and exporter.

Flat PP woven fabrics are made using multiple layers to enhance its durability and toughness. The lightweight PP woven fabrics are used in the textile industry for packaging and making tarpaulins while the heavyweight woven fabrics are used for heavy packaging in the industry.

We make sure that stringent quality controls are being followed while manufacturing the PP woven fabric to produce top-quality flat PP woven fabrics- also known as polypropylene flat woven fabrics.

This polypropylene flat woven fabric is an ideal material for packaging as it provides complete protection to goods from adverse environmental conditions like rain and heat. The excellent tear strength of flat PP woven fabrics makes it a suitable option for the manufacturing of FIBC, PP Jumbo Bags/Bulk bags, Tarpaulin, PP ground covers and a PP sheets to cover agriculture land.