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The world of packaging is evolving rapidly, starting from wooden containers to gusseted bags right now. So, what is a gusset? We can go into the technical meaning of the word 'Gusset', but that wouldn't be a feasible option. Let's take the simple route; a gusset is something that we add to our packaging or bags to create more space, enhance storage capacity, and toughen its core structure.

The name might sound confusing to those who are unfamiliar with the packaging industry and its current trends, but believe us when we say that gusset type bags are the enthralling kind of bags for nearly every packaging solution. Rightly so, these gussets bags are prominent for its various features like occupying less space, multiple sides of branding, exceptional strength, and many others.

Today, industries across the globe, such as Rice, Flour, Animal & Pet food, etc. are very fond of gusseted bags because of its numerous characteristics that help them in many ways.

Importance in Packaging

The gusset is a sort of innovation in the world of packaging. The most important thing about the gusset is that it provides proper stacking to the bags. The adequate stacking for bags not only occupies less room in a warehouse, but it also increases the load ability, which in turn decreases its transport cost. It provides extra space for the product and also makes it more durable. Moreover, gusset gives you ample space for your product branding because of its placement in the bottom or side of the bags.

Manufacturing Process

We have specialized machinery for making gussets. We have a special unit in our plant for such auto gusseting machines to provide our customers with the best gusset sizes, which not only makes the brand visible but also offers extra space for material in the bags and adds durability. In the process of gusset making, the ready roll is placed on the machine, and according to the required size, the gussets are formed by pushing the fabric from both the sides towards the inner side of the bag and pressing it with rollers to create a permanent shape of the bag.

Variety we offer

We offer two types of Gusseting option to our clients as per their requirements:

    Regular Gusset

    Shifted Gusset

    Window - Half Window, Full Window, Register Window