Type Of Stitching

Top Stitching

We offers various types of Top stitching & it depends upon your bag type and requirements. With 5 manual and automatic bag stitching machines we can process 200,000 bags per day.

Our Top stitching types include:

    Top Hemmed

    Top Single Big Fold

    Topstitch with Crip Tape (No Fold)

    Topstitch with Crip tape (Single fold) - Top EZ Open

    Top Only Single Needle

    Top Single Needle With Pull Tape

    We understand that every bag needs a different type of Top stitching and closing methods.

    We can customise all these Top stitching types.

Bottom Stitching Type

We can provide you with various types of Bottom Stitching. All of them do have essential qualities so that you can choose them according to your product needs. We can customize your Bag with Bottom Stitching Types such as:

    Single Fold Bottom Stitch

    Double fold Bottom Stitch

    Stitch with Crip Tape (No Fold)

    Stitch with Crip Tape (Single Fold)

    Bottom L Stitch

    Bottom Continuous L Stitch

    Stitch With Criptape+Pulltape (No Fold)

    Stitch With Criptape+Pulltape+Single Fold

    Bottom EZ Open

    Bottom U-Type