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Handles are the special part of the BOPP bags, with its USP being its strength. One can get different types of handles that signify different qualities. Handle types such as Narrow Woven Fabric (NWF), D-Cut,

Polypropylene (PP), Cross stitch, do have few similarities in terms of its application and significance.

Material Of Handle:

Since handles are an essential part of bags, we manufacture stylish and durable handles with zero quality compromises. For that, we use various types of the material listed below.

    Narrow Woven Fabric

    Pp + Bopp


    Non-woven + Bopp

Types of Handles

we can provide various types of handles according to customer requirements. All of them possess different qualities depending upon their material and manufacturing.

    Top Stitched Handle

    Cross Stitched Handle

    D-Cut Handle

    Plastic Handle

    Ultrasonic Handle

Types Of Packing


We believes in the utmost safety of the products, and hence we offer both types of packing Bales and Pallet to our clients. With 16 Bales and 5 Pallet packing stations, we ensure our customers get their quality product on time and in the most optimum condition.

Bales Packing

With our bales packaging, we take the utmost care while packaging. We place the bags carefully before pressing and wrapping them with bales. While packaging, we make sure that no single bag gets folded or creased. We manufacture these bales in such a flat way that it helps in transportation. We can pack the bags in a bunch of 500 and 1000 pieces. After being wrapped in the neat and clean fabric of bales, we stick specific product-wise stickers on them for convenient transportation.